Dentistry Day

A celebration for the welfare and benefit of community. On 6th March 2011, Uttaranchal Dental and Medical Research Institute took the initiative of conducting Dentistry Day every year. The initiative was primarily taken up to help and aid the patients who cannot afford or pay for the dental treatments by going among masses in remote villages. Camps were conducted in campus as well as in the villages, involving the examination of 120 patients. The motive is best treatment, painless treatment , and inexpensive treatment. The Dentistry Day resulted in patient awareness towards their oral hygiene . But the thing is that it is not only Dentistry Day which is responsible for rendering care to the patient. A number of initiatives have to be taken to deliver the best to the patient on minimum expenses. Apart from delivering dental care to the patient ,maintenance of education level for the students is also of prime importance and also counted as a objective of Dentistry Day. For this purpose a workshop was conducted by U.D.M.R.I on Dental Implants from 30.03.2011 to 21.04.2011.